Customer Care



Sterling Silver

Over time precious metals such as sterling silver naturally begin to oxidize as a response to being loved. Depending on the finishing used, polished materials can dull over time and require a little polish if you prefer this look. While the objects are shipped off in a highly polished condition, pieces from the 'Textured Fragments' collection will naturally darken in the crevasses if worn daily. 

To retain this polished look you should avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower or whilst swimming. All Tilda jewels should not come into contact with soaps or chemicals such as detergents, bleaches or chlorine. 

18ct Gold Plated

All gold plated pieces are made with a solid sterling silver base. Gently rubbing the surface with a soft jewellery cloth will help your piece retain shine however do not use a polishing cloth, as it will strip away the plating.

All jewels should not be worn in the shower, whilst swimming or come into contact with soaps or chemicals. For best protection your jewels should be kept in their original packaging when not worn.